at the service of fashion

Doni Fashion Lab is born from the encounter between an ancient knowledge and a strong artistic flair.

A style

We are three siblings with a strong passion for the footwear world, and over thirty years of experience in the sector. Our family-run company is located in the Brenta Riviera, between Padua and Venice, in the cradle of global production of luxury shoes where we continue the tradition of craftsmanship that has lived for centuries.

Our complete service

In Doni Fashion Lab we have created an innovative concept: a complete and personalized service to meet the demands of our customers. We imagine the perfect shoe, we develop the idea and we come up to packaging and delivery.

We adopt a very flexible approach: we can cover a wide range of products, offering numerous models of shoes for all price ranges and for any type of customer, from the highest fashion brands to mass production, both in Italy and abroad.

The taste
of Made in Italy

We invest our high technical skills, craftsmanship and the most advanced CAD systems to achieve the best stylistic ideas. Step by step, we give life to new models that are representative of the famous Italian values.

The refined taste, advanced research of materials, and the interpretation of trends allow us to pursue high quality standards at all stages of the supply chain that makes up our service.